Integrating Technology Into The Science Curriculum by: Samantha Stearn

Technology is the wave of the future. Schools are becoming more and more involved in the implementation of new devices for teachers to use in their pedagogy. Many teachers find themselves with technology, but are not knowledgeable in how to use it, or what to use it for.

Students of today are versed in technology and expect to use it. The amount of information that is at their fingertips is endless. This website will give science teachers multiple resources to use in their classroom in order to assist students in recording data, researching, presenting data, and performing experiments electronically along with their science curriculum.

Click on any of the links below to find more information about the following resources:
American Geological Institue
Cow Eye Dissection
Discovery Education Science Techbook
Electric Circuits
Human Eye Dissection
Interactive Periodic Table
Ipad Apps
Middle School Chemistry
NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
Owl Pellet Dissection
Promethean Boards
Salmon Dissection
Simple and Compound Machines
SmartBoard Help