Voki is a free service that lets you create customized avatars, add a voice to your voki avatars, post your voki to any blog, profile, or website, and use their learning resources!

Use Vokis as a tool in the classroom to:
1. Motivate students to participate.
2. Introduce new concepts and technology.
3. Improve message comprehension.
4. Translate messages into other languages for non English learners.

How to create a Voki:
1. Go to the Voki homepage: http://voki.com/
2. Click the "Create" tab at the top left corner.
3. You can customize the way the avatar looks by clicking on one of the three options in "customize your character".
4. You can give it a voice by clicking in one of the four options in 'give it a voice'. These options will let you make a phone call to record your voice, type in text and let the computerized voice read it, record your own voice with a microphone, or upload an audio file.
5. You can also change the background behind your avatar and customize the video player that borders the avatar.
6. Once you have completed all of these specifications, click publish at the bottom of the screen, give your voki a title and click "save".
7. If you do not want to sign up through the website when that message pops up, you can click no thanks, or you can register with voki. If you click no thanks, than you can still get your voki to share.
8. The site will give you a link to share as an embeded code for a blog or website, or you can click the option to email the voki as well.

Specific topics in the science classroom:
1. Students can create an avatar of the scientist that you are studying and give life to their reports.
2. Teachers can create the avatar to demonstrate new ideas and concepts while students take notes. They can then have the option of returning to the site to get information that they missed.
3. Students who are absent can benefit from hearing the notes online.
4. Students can collaborate with each other, along with other schools on the science units that they are working on.