Below is a link to a website that reviews several science apps for the iPad, iPhone or iTouch. Some schools offer iPad sets for student use, or students can download the apps on their own devices.

Apps you can review on this site include:
  • GoSkyWatch Planetarium: FreeSolar Walk:
  • Solar Walk
  • SkyVoyager
  • Starmap
  • Distant Suns
  • Planets
  • Grand Tour 3D
  • SkyORB
  • iStar Navigator
  • Periodic Table of Elements
  • Video Science
  • Science Glossary
  • Gems and Minerals
  • Biology Glossary
  • G (touches on Universal Gravitation)
  • Skeletal Systems
  • Chemical Elements
  • Chemistry Ref
  • Charles Darwin’s Writings
  • NASA Apollo Photos
  • Physics
  • Spiders Study Guide
  • Dinosaur Handbook