Discovery Education offers many resources for teachers through a paid subscription through your school district. The new Science Techbook is designed to replace a textbook and offer all of the resources that a teacher would need to cover all of the standards and lessons for his/her class. Your district may purchase a subscription and adopt this for your school.

If your district is not willing to provide your classroom with the techbook, you can still take advantage of several lessons and resources that they have as a freebie.

1. Click on the following link:
2. Scroll your mouse over the "Teachers" tab along the top menu bar.
3. Find the grade level for which you are interested in finding lessons.
4. This will allow you to choose any core subject. Click on science, and you will be brought to a new page with several examples of lessons through the techbook.
5. You will be able to find printable lesson plans connected to standards, clip art, videos, etc.
6. Where you went to click on your grade level, there are also several resources such as puzzlemakers, featured programs, student travel, masters's degree information, worksheets to go, science curriculum center and learning adventures (the learning adventures are under additional resources and are interactive lessons).
7. Click on the following link to preview a learning adventure for your classroom: